Subjects in English


Information for Foreign Students.

At the present time two Masters of Science are fully offered in English at our School.

Erasmus Mundus MSc in Mediterranean Forestry and Natural Resource Management


Code Subjects Instructor ECTS Semester
11370 Design and Analysis of Experiments  J. Voltas 5 2nd
 I. Romagosa
11371 Green Engineering in Forest Industries
 C. Iglesias 2,5 2nd
11372 Range resources in the Iberian Peninsula Dra. R. Fanlo  2 2nd
11373 Wildlife, Fish & Game Management  F. Casals 5 2nd
11374 Mediterranean Forest Management  J.A. Bonet 5 1st
 C. Colinas
 M. Aguilera 
11375 Mediterranean Landscape Ecology & Planning  C. Vega 5 2nd
  S. Saura (*1)
 F. Galiana
 M. Vallés (*2)
11376 Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing  J.A. Martínez Casasnovas 3 1st
11377 Forest Health

 C. Colinas

C. Gemeno

5 1st
11378 Environmental Impact Asessment in Forestry Operations and Industries  J. Alcázar 2,5 1st
11379 Methods and approaches of social research in environmental management

 G. Domínguez

J. A. Bonet(*3)

2 1st
11380 Measurements and control in ecophysiology  Joan Costa 3 2nd
Jorge Lampurlanès 
11381 Forest Physiology  L. Serrano 3 1st
 M. Aguilera
11382 Mediterranean Forest Products: Building with Wood, Living with Wood, Wood in Transport & Packaging, Cork  J. Vicente Oliver (*2) 3 1st
11383 Trends of forestry in a global change context  J.A. Bonet 3 1st
 P. Ferrio
C. Colinas
V. Resco
11384 River Rehabilitation and Restoration  F. Martínez Capel (*2) 2 1st
 J. Alcázar
11385 Surface Hydrology and Soil Conservation  R. Poch  5 2nd
 C. Balasch
11386 Techniques and improvement in forest restoration programs  Antonio D. Campo (*2) 2 1st
11387 Special Topics in Ecology  L. Serrano 3 1st
11388 Special Topics in Silviculture  J.A. Bonet 3 2nd
11389 Forestry sector in Catalonia  J.A. Bonet 4 2nd
11390 Cultural and Social Integration Juan Carlos Mercader 3 1st
11391 Catalan for Beginners (A1 level) Agnès Rius 3 1st-2nd
Teresa Fontanet
11392 Catalan for Beginners (A2 level) Agnès Rius 5 1st-2nd
Teresa Fontanet
11393 Spanish Course for Foreigners (A1 level) Isabel Pons 3,5 1st-2nd
Beatriz Borrallo
11394 Spanish Course for Foreigners (A2 level) Isabel Pons 3,5 1st-2nd
Beatriz Borrallo
11395 Biodiversity, ecosystem functioning and the provisioning of goods and services under global change Teresa Sebastià 6 2nd
11396 Forest Governance and Mediterranean Forests E. Rojas 2 1st
(*1) In cooperation with Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM)
(*2) In cooperation with Universidad Politècnica de València (UPV)
(*3) In cooperation with Centre Tecnològic Forestal de Catalunya (CTFC)
(*4) In cooperation with Centre de Recerca Ecològica I Aplicacions Forestals (CREAF)
Code Subjects Instructor ECTS Semester
100303 Animal Anatomy II  Pere-Miquel Pares 6 2nd
101612 Bioinformatics R. Alves 6 1st
100336 Animal Biotechnology  R. Pena 6 1st
101632 Animal Breeding and Reproduction R. Pena 6 2nd
102233 Applied Nutrition  G. Oms 6 2nd
102472 Meteorology Applied to the Environment  F. Castellví 6 2nd
100383 Parasitology  C. Nogareda 3 1st
101621 Plant Biotechnology  L. Bassié 6 1st
101642 Plant Tissue Culture in Biotechnology A. Pelacho 6 1st
101631 Production and Animal Health  C. Nogareda 6 1st
102555 Swine Production  J. Álvarez 6 2nd
Code Subjects   ECTS  
11922 Sustainable forest management in the boreal forest: the role of fire   3  
11924 Forest Health and Diseases   5  

This offer may vary from one year to another.

Apart from the subjects above, students can carry out other subjects that are tipically taught in Spanish or Catalan, and get information and tutoring in English, as well as do their exams in English.

As a rule, students have the right to express themselves during the lessons, do the essays, carry out the practices or/and do the exams also in English as long as they communicate their need to do so to their professors at the beginning of the lessons.

Thesis are a usual choice also among foreign students, and most academic staff are prepared to carry out a thesis supervision in English. The range of subjects cater for all the areas that our campus specialises in: agronomy, environmental sciences, forestry, civil engineering related to agriculture and forestry, food science and technology, biotechnology.

At the present time we have a number of ERASMUS students who are successfully carrying out studies here without a real knowledge of Spanish or Catalan, although they have also joined language courses which help make their study period in Lleida more profitable from a linguistic point of view.